Holistic Wellness

In addition to typical spa service we offer colon hydrotherapy which is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestines without the use of drugs.

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Infrared Chromotherapy

30-Min: $47     60-Min: $69

Experience our Infrared Sauna for a full body, full spectrum experience. Our sauna heats your body, detoxifies you, boost your immune system, and calm your nervous system. The benefits of Onyx’s sauna treatments include: pain relief, skin purification, cell renewal and improved circulation.

Our sauna also incorporates Chromotherapy, or color therapy. It is the science of using colors to adjust the bodies vibrations to frequencies yielding health and harmony. Light therapy is becoming the “it” treatment for anti-aging and anti-acne. Light therapy is a great way to revitalize, energize and stimulate production of collagen for your skin cells.

Ask about adding chromotherapy to any service!

Colon Hydrotherapy 


The most relaxing Colonic experience in Baltimore!

Colon Hydrotherapy can help with constipation, weight loss, bloating and body detox.

At Onyx, we only use FDA-registered equipment and sterilized, disposable rectal nozzles for colon hydrotherapy. In addition, we ensure the quality of our treatment by utilizing a sophisticated multi-stage water filtration system and double-UV light process that kills water-borne microorganisms.

During your first visit, our certified colon hydrotherapist will gather your health information and go over your goals in a private setting.

The therapist will also answer any question you may have about the colonic process. You will be directed how to position yourself on the colonic terminal and be provided with privacy so you can undress. Once comfortable, gravity-fed water will enter your colon by a disposable rectal nozzle. In turn, peristalsis will begin, which allows you to release fecal matter.

During your treatment, feel free to watch a movie, listen to soothing music or simply relax! We want you to feel comfortable.



Lying down on a massage table, you'll be wrapped in our Infrared Body Wrap which heats up your body from within, thereby expelling toxins, burning calories, and beautifying your skin.