Massage Therapy

We offer a wide range of massage treatments in addition to our therapeutic and relaxation massage. Don’t worry, extras are not extra here! Hot stones, aromatherapy and hot towels are part of your massage. Do not hesitate to ask for these complimentary add-ons.


30-Min: $69 60-Min: $98 90-Min:$125

Our integrated massage is a customizable massage based on the needs of the individual. Certain areas can be targeted and specific pressure can be applied. Benefits include relaxation, increase range of motion, circulation, injury maintenance and lower blood pressure


60-Min: $98    90-Min: $125



Cupping massage treatment is used with suction cups to loosen the muscles fibers to increase oxygen and circulation. Benefits include increasing range of motion, removing scar tissue, lymphatic drainage and myofascial release.


60-Min: $98.   90-Min: $125

Lymphatic massage helps aid in circulation of lymph while, removing waste and cellular debris from lymph nodes. This treatment is great for all. Your massage therapist will manually move the lymph by massage and dry brushing. Stagnation of lymph leads to edema. 


60-Min: $98    90-Min:$125

Our certified therapist has experience and training to accompany expecting mother throughout their journey, making it a more relaxing experience. Women who are carrying have extreme pressure on their pelvis and S.I joint, this can lead to nerve impingement and pain, massage is ideal to relieve the muscles which will make mommy and baby happy.